Edward Smith

Edward Smith - Partner, Shoosmiths

Edward Smith is a Partner at Shoosmiths.  He was a corporate lawyer at Pinsents and Freshfields before practising law in-house for 20 years (10 of those years as GC) at Telefonica UK (O2, giffgaff, Tesco Mobile and CTIL).  He negotiated with Tim Cook of Apple for the deal for the iPhone exclusive in UK in 2007.   He negotiated the network sharing deal between Telefonica UK and Vodafone incorporated as the CTIL JV in 2013.  In 2021 he played a leading role in the creation of Virgin Media O2, the JV formed by Liberty Global and Telefonica UK, valued at £31bn.

He has a unique take on how to recruit, reorganise and equip a modern legal department.  He believes GCs need to make their legal teams visible and proactive in carrying out a mission to compete: (a) with the legal teams of rivals, and (b) with their own business colleagues’ alternative course of action, which is of course, to side-step legal altogether.  In this mission they need every advantage, including having the best legal tech available to them. 

Shoosmiths offers award winning legal tech in “Shoosmiths 8” that Ed bought whilst he was a GC.  That’s why he joined Shoosmiths.