John Rigau

John Rigau - Vice President, General Counsel, Pepsico West Europe

John Rigau is the Vice President and General Counsel for PepsiCo Western Europe. John leads a team of lawyers located in various European legal hubs covering the responsibility of fifteen markets. From 2016 to July 2018, John served as President of the Spanish Beverages Association, currently being its Vice President. During his tenure at PepsiCo, he has held different positions within the Law, Public Policy and Government Affairs Department, including the responsibility for Pizza Hut and KFC for South Europe and North Africa and the Legal direction of PepsiCo Foods Europe, handling the business development and M&A operations in Poland, Russia, Balkans, Turkey and Israel. John is also member of the Board of Directors of several PepsiCo companies and Joint-Ventures in Europe. Prior to PepsiCo, John was an associate at Baker & McKenzie in Barcelona. John has a Law degree and a post-graduate from Columbia Business School (NY).