Paola Brignoli

Paola Brignoli - Corporate Wellbeing Advocate, Paola Brignoli Yoga

Paola is an international full time Yoga Teacher and Corporate Wellbeing Advocate, supporting Companies in their Wellbeing Strategy. Her mission is to support people thriving in work and life by improving their physical and emotional health with science-backed skills and practices, combining her expertise in Yoga & Meditation with her experience in the corporate world.

As Covid-19 urged a radical change in the way we live and work, the pandemic crisis has magnified the importance of employee wellbeing. In this "New Normal", forward-looking companies embrace wellbeing as a business-critical skill to promote a thriving company culture, retain employees and attract talents. Investing in wellbeing represents a successful strategy to drive employee performance, engagement and satisfaction and to curb the effects of stress and burnout in the workplace.