Jaap Bosman

Jaap Bosman - Founding Partner, TGO Consulting

Jaap Bosman is a leading strategy consultant and an investor. He is founder and CEO of  TGO Consulting a strategy consulting boutique for the legal sector which operates from  New York, The Hague and Hong Kong. He is widely recognised as one of the world’s thought leaders on the future of the legal industry. In his day to day practice Jaap is strategy consultant and trusted advisor to elite law firms in Europe, America and Asia.

His achievements have been recognised in 2013 by the Financial Times with the first ever  Innovative Lawyers Award for International Strategy. He is also a winner of the Thomson  Reuters Excellence in Legal Marketing Award. 

In 2015 Jaap wrote his first book Death of a Law Firm (2015) English edition published by the American Bar Association. Chinese edition published by Law Press China. This book is about the business of law and the human dynamics that drive it. Death of a Law Firm has become an influential global bestseller. 

The second book, Data & Dialogue a relationship redefined (2019); co-authored by  Vincent Cordo. This book is about the relationship between law firms and clients. It  introduces revolutionary new concepts such as the Value Matrix© and the Creation Production Divide Concept©

May 2020 Jaap Bosman published 'A New Dawn' This book outlines in hands on practical terms how the legal industry could emerge better and stronger after the covid 19 induced economic crisis.

His weekly ‘Your Friday Insight’ articles have built up a loyal global readership over the years. Jaap regularly contributes articles to Bloomberg, the ABA Journal, the ACC Docket, and various other leading publications around the world.