12. Law Lab- Wellbeing: Cultivating different types of rest for a peak performance

For in-house counsel only
Note: This Law Lab is limited to 50 delegates. Places will be available on a "first-come, first-served" basis on site.

Are you getting enough rest? How often do you feel like you wake up after a full night's sleep and you are still tired?
We navigate our days thinking we have rested enough only because we have reached a required number of hours of sleep. In reality, we often feel exhausted because we are missing out on the other types of rest we need. In a high-achieving culture, we tend to underestimate the true power of rest, falsely believing that an extra hour of work is more productive than an hour of rest. 
However, research shows how great minds and leaders fully understand the power of rest and taking breaks, alternating hours of deep and productive work with time off to recharge and rest. 
In this session, we will be diving into the power and science of rest, understanding how different types of rest have an impact on your mental and physical wellbeing, together with your performance at work. You can look forward to learning the following:
  • the types of rest in seven key areas of your life
  • how rest boosts brain performance and improves decision-making
  • understand what types of rest you need 
  • actionable advice for introducing moments of rest into your daily life, improving your mental and physical health

Sponsor: International Centre for Dispute Resolution - American Arbitration Association

Track: Lead Yourself
Date: Monday 23 May 2022 Time: 16:00 - 17:00 Level: B I A


Paola Brignoli