8. Digitalization & Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)

This session will be video recorded and made available on the Conference App after the event
In this session, we will be looking at the key opportunities as well as the risks and legal challenges that businesses are facing in designing and deploying their global/European digital strategies. In 2022 alone, global spend on digital transformation is projected to reach several trillion US dollars, with annual growth predictions at a rate of 19% over the next four years. 

But this investment is at risk as ethical, legal and compliance considerations are side-stepped in the race to gain commercial advantage. Our panel will tackle key issues from AI bias, to cyber security and data monetization. The panel will draw on evidence and insights from extensive research and provide opinion and guidance on where the biggest risks lie, what the future challenges are, legislative changes and, importantly how GCs and legal teams need to work with their boards to be at the forefront of this agenda.

Sponsor: Eversheds Sutherland

Track: Lead the Business
Date: Monday 23 May 2022 Time: 14:00 - 15:30 Level: B I A


Maria Echeverria-Torres Hassan Elmiligui Charlotte Walker-Osborn