1. Opening plenary: Embracing new beginnings - Re-inventing in-house counsel profile

In recent years, in-house lawyers have been playing an increasingly important role in the transformation of companies, driven by the so-called 4th industrial revolution. The health emergency caused by COVID-19 and the uncertainties generated by it, have accelerated the transformation of the legal function, with increasing demands for new skills.

Internal and external factors such as globalisation, increasing regulation, technological development, the incessant activity of companies to meet clients' needs, risk management and internal control systems are only examples of factors that exert a notable influence on the management team of organisations. Investors, consumers and society in general, no longer only pay attention to financial results, but also to the way in which organisations obtain these results in its aspects of regulatory compliance, ethics and integrity and sustainability. This increased demand for transparency, truthfulness, good practice and responsible business behaviour, acts as a catalyst in raising the competences and functions now required of in-house lawyers.

In this context, the new strategic and executive competencies demanded of the legal function mean that the T-shaped lawyer is increasingly in demand.

Our panel will discuss and exchange thoughts on the new competencies and skills required by in-house counsel to meet the company goals and increase corporate value.

Sponsor: K&L Gates

Date: Monday 23 May 2022 Time: 09:00 - 10:30 Level: B I A


Barbara van Koppen Dr. Thomas Meiers John Rigau Elizabeth Walker


Craig Budner